Corporate Programs

The corporate programs are an efficient way of ensuring that everybody obtains a shared understanding of

  • Why performance matters
  • How to become performance leaders
  • Expectations and next steps – succeeding with Performance

1. Why?

Share strategy.

2. What?

Agree to aspire.

3. Who?

Coordinate initiatives.

4. How far are we?

Leverage transparency.

5. How can we do even better?

Inspire to act.

Performance leadership

best practices, coaching, and continued development.
The programs are an inspiring mix of best practices and engaging group activities. This combination of theory and practice allows participants to start working on company-related challenges during the program and apply it as soon as they are back.
The most popular corporate programs are:

  • Becoming a Performance Leader
    • This program requires an existing corporate strategy and covers the strategy execution, i.e. the steps 2 – 5 (agree to aspire, coordinate initiatives, leverage transparency and inspire to act)
    • All managers should have a shared understanding of these four steps to succeed with performance
    • Becoming a Performance Leader can be completed in 2-4 days, depending on how familiar the attendees already are with performance concepts and on the number of assignments.
  • Master’s Performance Cycle
    • Covers all elements of the performance cycle from 1) strategy formulation over execution (steps 2 – 5) to 6) Performance leadership methodologies and further development
    • Can be completed in 4-5 days.

Customised Training & Workshops

We are happy to customise our training and workshops to specific needs, e.g.

  • Corporate policies or strategies, e.g. the budget process, incentive model or the corporate strategy
  • Already existing performance methodologies, e.g. financial models, LEAN and others.
  • Specific groups of managers or employees, e.g. ”Top-100”, middle-management, blue-collar workers or to the in-house performance coaches.
  • Deep-dives into specific content, e.g. ”how can we leverage transparency to make better decisions”, or ”what can we do to look ahead and stop discussing the past?”

Please contact us for additional information about the training and workshop options.